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Maximize your hearing aid's range and functionality

If you thought turning your hearing aid into a personal sound-system was impossible, think again! With simple accessories you can do just that. Effectively increase your range of sound and hearing with a simple attachment and you’ll be able to pick up more audible sounds than non-hearing-aided person.


Have you experienced problems having conversations on the telephone? Not any more! How about conversations outdoors or hearing the television? No problem! With the right accessories, you’ll be able to hear everything you want and need to.

The bottom line is simple – just being able to hear those close to you isn’t good enough. To fully experience life, you need your hearing aid transformed into a highly personalized hearing portal, and at ReSound, that’s exactly what we’re doing. With cutting edge innovation and smart audio device technology, our accessories will not only allow you to hear far better, you’ll be right in the middle of any listening situation.


Hearing aid technology is rapidly advancing, allowing you to communicate much more simply that you have in the past.  Now you can focus on life’s important moments, not cumbersome technology.

What accessories can you get?

Are you tired of confusing “all-in-one” devices that are more confusing than helpful? So are we. That’s why we design extremely intuitive accessories that are easy to use.


Additionally, ReSound is the only provider capable of building our 2.4GHz wireless protocol right into the heading aid. What’s this mean? For one thing, you can say goodbye to extra devices around your neck, and at 2.4GHz (the international standard for wireless communication within the communication and medical industries), you get so much more:


Great Sound Quality: No echo or lip synch problems. With more than enough data to produce sharp sound enabled through large data packets, communication is easy and stress-free.


Private and Secure Connections: Paired directly to your specific hearing aid in one simple process, no one else using a wireless aid will have the capability to accidentally hear your conversations.


More Than Steaming: Because our 2.4GHz wireless protocol seamlessly works with other 2.4GHz devices, you’re presented with even more options, one of which is our app that makes controlling your hearing aids even easier. Call to find out more.

Why are ReSound Unite wireless accessories

the best?

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